Hello blog world. I’m back & better than ever.

Grafton Notch, Maine. It’s really remarkable how much mental clarity & refreshment arise from a single weekend getaway! Thanks, woods.

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DIY CD screenprinting

Well I’ve been hemming & hawing for a little bit now of whether to do a short run press of cd’s, or to release this ep as a digital-only, and I’ve finally arrived at a decision…

I’ve gotta go DIY.

It’s the only feasible way for an artist such as I (i.e. broke/student/no work) can possibly afford to independently release a cd (right now). So that’s cool, but what about some of the specifics, like, say, what do you do about registration for screenprinting on the face of a cd? This led me to this wonderful video:

click here.

I’ll be doing this over the next week with some help from my friends in the Print Dept. here at MECA. Can’t wait to see how they turn out!

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The Beat Horizon nominated for Best World Music Act in Portland!

So, kindly go vote for us (until May 12) here!

And, if you like our music, be on the lookout for some new fresh material this summer.

We are taking steps towards a transformation of our sound and performance.

Exciting stuff! In the meantime, you can listen to some of our material here.

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to accompany the first post of this blog!

segway: what a wierd world version

this is the rough mix of Segway: a song by my friends, Power Lines, that I did some vox over. Enjoy!

(I finally paid to have the audio upgrade folks, so if you don’t know what I’m talking about, just scroll to the first posting and you’ll see what I’m talking about in the title.)

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Inspiration of forms.





I recently came across the paper art of Richard Sweeny.

I’m working on a stage set design and searching for some inspiration.

So I googled abstract sculptural form or some such blase sentencery, and voila! The paper forms jumped right out at me. (I also was really struck by this cardboard one.)

I sure do love me a google image search! Ka-Kaaaawww!!!! (hawk’s cry of enthusiasm) (I also really (evidently) really love parentheses, fyi.) But I digress…

Link to Sweeny’s Flickr page here.

Link to Sweeny’s Website here.

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The Vocals are finished!!!


Really excited to announce that the vocals are all set for the ep. Now it’s in the hands of the wise and skillful producer Moon rocks, aka Charles Brodeur. Check out his blog, Seaweed Factory for interesting tidbits on musical gadgetry and such.

Probably gonna debut the material at PRSM PRTY for a pre-release performance. Here’s a sneak peek at the mock up of the digipack design I’ve made. Stay tuned!

This is for a cardboard digipack cd case

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Stickers coming soon!

My friend Maker is workin on some vinyl stickers for my Lucid rapper alias… psyched about these they are lookin sweet. 

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